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Politika privatnosti

Ulaznice.hr web site Privacy Policy

1. Basic privacy policy principles of Dekod d.o.o.

We are pleased to welcome You on our website and we are happy You are interested in our business and the services we offer.

Protecting Your data is very important to us and we would like You to be fully acquainted with our Privacy Policy and Your privacy related rights.

The owner of the site www.ulaznice.hr (hereinafter referred to as "web site") You visited is the company Dekod d.o.o.

Company headquarters are located at Savska cesta 28/III, 10 000 Zagreb.

Dekod d.o.o. as head of personal data collection will store personal information You entered during the registration process in a database and use it in processing necessary to successfully perform our business.

All our online activities are in line with European legislation (EU Directive 95/46/EC, 2002/58/EC and Treaty Conventions ETS 108, ETS 181, ETS 185, ETS 189) and national legislation of the Republic of Croatia, The Electronic Business Act, etc.).

2. The scope of privacy policy

Our Privacy policy defines internal policies and procedures for the purpose of comprehensive protection of your personal information.

For us to protect Your personal information means the following:

  1. Your personal information (name, surname, address, contact phone, e-mail address) will be used solely for the purpose for which we have received Your consent.
  2. We will not abuse Your personal information in any way that is contrary to the Universal declaration of privacy.
  3. Your contact and personal information will be shared with our partners in charge of sales and event organization for the event You are buying tickets for and, if necessary, with delivery services so You can successfully obtain the tickets You purchased.
  4. At Your request, we will provide You with insight into Your data, the processing they participate in, and allow You to correct Your personal information.
  5. We will enable You uninterrupted payment via credit/debit cards, providing a necessary set of information to our billing system partners.
  6. Upon Your request we will delete all Your personal information we have saved if their possession is not regulated by a legal obligation (account numbers, name and surname on sport event tickets, etc.).

Dekod d.o.o. is not responsible for any accidental errors or errors caused by force majeure or other objective reasons causing an unintentional violation of the guaranteed protection of Your information but guarantees that the error will, if possible, be removed as soon as possible.

3. Your consent

By entering personal data into the registration form on our web site, You confirm that You are over the age of 16, have the business ability and the authority to use the data provided.

The personal data You enter is completely accurate and You have independently and voluntarily provided it to Dekod d.o.o. and You fully agree that Your data is being used and collected in accordance with the law and the terms of our Privacy policy.

You agree that the data from the registration form is stored in our database and shared with the event organizer to allow You to keep an uninterrupted ticket purchase. We may also ask You for additional consent if we are to use Your personal information for purposes other than those mentioned in this Privacy policy.

You have no obligation to give us all types of consent, but if You so decide, Your participation in certain activities may be limited.

If You grant additional consent, the terms of such consent will prevail in the event of any conflict with the terms of this Privacy policy.

Collection or transfer of personal data to state institutions and government bodies will be limited to the binding legal regulations of a particular country.

4. Children

The consent for the use of personal information cannot be given to a person under the age of 16. For a person under the age of 16 to register through a registration form, we seek the consent of a parent or guardian before collecting personal information or whenever necessary due to applicable laws and regulations.

If You are under the age of 16, please review the terms of this Privacy policy with Your parent or guardian to make sure You understand and accept them.

If an internal analysis concludes that we have collected data from a person under the age of 16 without the consent of the parent or guardian, the data can be deleted from our systems.

5. Personal information we collect and process

In order to enable You to use our ticket service via ulaznice.hr web site and to purchase items in our online store, we will save Your personal data to our local database.

The term "personal data" signifies those data or parts of data which we use to identify You.

During registration we will ask You the following information:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Address and home number
  3. City, zip code and country
  4. Contact phone
  5. Contact e – mail

Our website uses cookies. Our cookies do not collect Your personal data but it is important for us that You understand their purpose. For a detailed technical description of the cookies and their use, please refer to Chapter 10.

6. How we use Your personal information

We use the data we collect to allow You to access our website via "Login" option and to provide the desired service (ticket or item purchase).

The data You shared with us will be used to:

  1. Create Your profile in our user account database.
  2. Contact and identify You for ticket purchase or their delivery to the specified address.
  3. Record Your purchase information, invoice amount, and payment method.
  4. Provide support for all Your inquiries, comments, and suggestions.
  5. Provide support for the complaint process and purchase withdrawal.

7. With whom we share Your personal information

Your personal information will not be forwarded, sold, leased or loaned to third parties without Your consent. Dekod d.o.o. records all Your personal information in their databases and protects them from unauthorized access.

Part of Your personal information is shared with our partners based on Your consent to enable You to use our services. We have signed a Personal data protection agreement with our business partners to keep Your personal information secure.

The data we will share is the following:

  1. During ticket purchase we'll send Your information to our partners from the billing system in order to successfully complete the payment.
  2. When You purchase a ticket for the desired event, Your information will be shared with the event organizer to ensure entry.
  3. When You choose to have Your tickets or items delivered, Your information will be shared with the delivery service.
  4. The basic identification information required for entry to a particular event will be shared with the access control provider.

8. Legal regulations for ticket purchase

For certain events we are legally obliged to collect Your personal information. To purchase tickets for sporting events (football, basketball, tennis, skiing, etc.) based on the "Act On Disorderly Conduct Prevention At Sporting Events" ("Zakon o sprječavanju nereda na športskim natjecanjima") we are required to ask for Your identification information and then share it with the event organizer.

For sporting events regulated by the aforementioned law, we will not ask for Your consent to use Your personal information.

9. Keeping Your Personal Information

Your personal information with us is safe and we have taken all steps to prevent unauthorized access, modification or misuse of the information You've shared with us. The relationship with our partners we share Your data with is regulated by special agreements and we expect our partners to comply with these rules.

Personal data retention period depends on legal regulations (invoices are kept for 11 years) and on Dekod d.o.o.’s internal rules. The data we are not obliged to keep on legal grounds will be deleted from our databases 10 (ten) years from the last activity (log on).

It is important to us to protect Your data against any intentional or accidental deletion, and therefore we store Your data to our systems for backup. When we delete Your data from our databases, we will not immediately remove data from our backup systems.

10. Cookies

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are short records that are sent to You by the web site during Your visit, and Your web browser stores them on Your computer. They do not contain Your personal information but allow the website to display information tailored to Your needs (language settings, website layout, etc.). Cookies are stored on Your computer in accordance with the settings taken over from the web site.

Your consent is important to us to use and store cookies. We use cookies that are essential for basic functionality as well as optional cookies on our web site. Please be aware that if You disable cookies, we will not be able to guarantee full functionality of our web site.

When You first access our website, You will receive a cookie notification and we will ask for Your consent to use them. You can independently control (restrict or disable) receiving cookies in Your browser setup.

It's important to know that any cookie disabling can affect functionality and interaction with our web site.

If You limit the use of cookies, Dekod d.o.o. will not be liable for any loss of functionality and quality of our site's content.

10.1. Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are essential to make our site fully functional and for You to successfully track Your online shopping cart. This type of cookie cannot be disabled.

Our website uses the application session cookie (JSESSIONID).

10.2. Optional cookies

Optional cookies include "Google Analytics" cookies used to track our visitors' access to and the use of our web site. By using this type of cookie, we do not share Your personal information and the result of tracking is received in the form of statistics that help us improve our website.

11. Your privacy rights and who to contact

We are here to help You with all Your questions. Please contact us directly with all Your comments, questions and suggestions directly at sluzbenik@dekod.hr or at

Dekod d.o.o. - Data Protection Officer

Savska cesta 28/III

10 000 Zagreb

Our team will respond to Your questions and requests within the time limit set by the General Data Protection Regulation (Opća uredba o zaštiti osobnih podataka).

We have prepared templates for Your requirements, so please fill out, print, sign and send us a scanned copy by mail or e-mail to the address listed below in order to fulfill them within the time limit set by the General Privacy Policy.

11.1. I want insight to my personal information

Please fill out "Zahtjev za uvid u podatke ili obradu podataka" form, sign and and send it by e-mail or post.

11.2. I want a correction of my personal data

Data can be updated using Your profile pages on our web site. If You want to update additional information, and Your request is not inconsistent with legislation, please fill out the form "Zahtjev za ispravak podataka".

11.3. I want my personal information to be deleted

Please fill out "Zahtjev za brisanje podataka o ispitaniku" form, sign and and send it by e-mail or post.

11.4. I want you to withdraw the consent I have given you

Please fill out "Zahtjev za povlačenje suglasnosti" form, sign and and send it by e-mail or post.

11.5. I want to download my data in a machine-readable form

Please fill out "Zahtjev za prenosivost podataka" form, sign and and send it by e-mail or post.

11.6. I want to make a complaint about the processing of my data

Please fill out "Prigovor na podatke ili proces obrade" form, sign and and send it by e-mail or post.

11.7. I want to file a complaint with the supervisory body

If You believe that we have violated Your rights and that we have not responded to Your requests and questions within the legal deadline, You have the right to file a complaint directly with the Personal Data Protection Agency (Agencija za zaštitu osobnih podataka - AZOP).

12. Changes to the Privacy policy

By adhering to our Privacy policy You've shown that You want to be part of our team and we'll keep You informed and aware of all important changes to our privacy policy.

Yes, I accept Dekod's Privacy Policy.
Yes, I am older than 16.
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