Kazališna igra: Tko je ukrao Orašara? - sa prijevodom na engleski
Kazališna igra: Tko je ukrao Orašara? - sa prijevodom na engleski
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This holiday season embark on a quest to find the Nutcracker in Trešnja Theatre's online programme

We are offering you a chance to take part in a unique theatre experience with English subtitles – online Theatre Game: Who Stole the Nutcracker? in which Trešnja Theatre is taking you on an enchanting Christmas journey through the world of imagination without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Due to the pandemic many cultural institutions were facing a big challenge, that of staying in touch with their audiences now unable to visit theatres. Trešnja Theatre, the biggest children's and youth theatre in Croatia with a long tradition of Christmas holiday programming, created a new, interesting, and original theatre experience – the online Theatre Game: Who Stole the Nutcracker?. You can see the trailer here.

The game consists of four virtual spaces, each hiding mysteries; in order to proceed with the game children have to find clues leading them towards the magic of the Christmas spirit, and solve riddles that engage various thought processes. The rooms are theme-based and derived from fantasy worlds and characters, including Hoffmann's original Nutcracker story.

Aside from being entertaining, the riddles and assignments encourage children to think outside the box, approach a problem from different angles, spot details, connect elements in new ways, improving their ability to focus, their concentration, creativity, vocal and visual abilities, as well as developing their analytical and logical thinking.

The game is hosted by the Good Spirit of the Theatre that has been living at the theatre for over a hundred years, knows its every nook and cranny and guards the treasure of the theatre. In our story, the Spirit is helping Marie find her favourite toy, the Nutcracker.

Embark on a magnificent journey through the popular Christmas story of the Nutcracker leading you to the world of magic and imagination where the lines between the real and the imaginary do not exist.

The price of a virtual ticket is 50 kunas, available for purchase at www.ulaznice.hr. The game will be available online through 31 January 2021.


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